About Nutritionist Mann!

Hello! I am Vicky Mann aka Nutritionist Mann. I’m a wellbeing coach and I firmly believe that the “Holistic Lifestyle is the future.” With the experience of over 15 years in Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, and Nutrition, I am currently sharing my philosophy of “Holistic Lifestyle” at my HQ in Patiala and online, via my Instagram handle @Nutritionist.mann and www.FitwithVik.com

In my childhood, I encountered Asthma which restricted me from indulging in sports or high-intensity tasks, along with multiple health issues. At the age of 6, I got operated on my kidney. As a result, I couldn’t function as a normal child. This aroused in me a fire to be physically fit and thereafter, I got inclined towards fitness. Later in 2008, I kick-started my own chain - O2 Spa & Fitness, a gym that transformed around ___ lives. During the course of transforming people’s bodies, I realized that just ‘Exercise is not enough’. To be fit in the right aspects, one has to think beyond the shackles of weight loss & physical appearance and concentrate on the Mind-Body well-being. Keeping the dual motive in mind, I began practicing yoga and meditation along with my physical exercise. But this was not enough because an important aspect of my wellbeing was missing; i.e. Nutrition/Fuel.

In the pursuit of my Holistic Well-being, On the day of India’s Independence in 2018, I inaugurated the Royal Nutrition House in Patiala. At RNH, our main emphasis has always been on promoting healthy and nutritious eating.

My approach towards fitness has brought me to a space wherein the workout sessions are a right mix of Cardio, Strength Training, Core, Yoga et cetera. Each of my programs is specifically curated keeping in mind the respective individual’s fitness goal, body, and nutritional requirements. Hence, when you choose me to be your Fitness Partner, you choose Holistic Wellbeing over Psuedo Fitness. “Let’s walk together on the journey of a Holistic Lifestyle because fitness is a journey, not a destination.”

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